Approach and confession prayer 16 October 2022

Living God

giver and maker of life eternal

to you be all glory and praise

now and evermore

we look to the hills

seeking you

seeking you would watch over us

in the day, as in the night

for you never sleep

never sleep nor slumber

Living God

be with us, we pray

write your law on our hearts

that we may know you more

and deepen our love we have for you

how we long for the days

when the whole earth would know you

know you

through the living Word

Christ Jesus

we worship and adore you

accept our devotion

in this time and all the days of our lives

which we humbly lay at your feet today

fearing to turn our faces towards you

for we’re aware of your holiness and righteousness

which amplifies our sinfulness

which we confess before you today


guide us back onto the right path

show us the true Way

reveal to us anew your laws

take away our sin

we pray

that, in this time

we may truly worship and adore


Father, Son, Spirit

and be equipped servants of God

through Christ Jesus