Approach and confession prayer 4 March 2018

Give praise and honour to God

for God is good

Good and loving is the Lord

were there no human lips to call forth praise of the Lord

the very heaven and skies would proclaim the work of The Almighty’s hands

without words, without sound they show God’s glory

for the voice of the skies reached to ends of the earth

the speech of the heavens envelopes the whole world

Give praise and honour to God

heavens and skies

trees and fields

birds of the air and fish of the sea

Give praise and honour to God

you people, gathered here

know the law of the Lord is perfect

bringing refreshment to the soul

the statues of the Lord are trustworthy

making wise the foolish

the precepts of the Lord are right

giving joy to the heart

Come and know the joy of the Lord

bow in reverence before God

who in God’s wisdom have adopted us as God’s children

through our faith in Jesus Christ, God’s son

Christ Jesus

who took on the foolishness of the world

to show the wisdom of God

through the shame of the cross

that, in and through it, we would know the love of God

and we would be able to come to worship God

laying down our pain, our doubts, our fears

confessing before God our wrongdoings

that in our foolishness and weakness we have sinned against God and against one another

Christ Jesus

we bring our failings before your cross

knowing it’s foolishness, we are forgiven, restored, loved

called to preach the wisdom of God, summed up in the cross of Christ