Approach and confession prayer 23 September 2018


who is both wise and the source of wisdom

who is both love and the source of love

who is creator and the source of creation

God who is

in the quietness of this place

we seek the one in whom we find our source,

our truth,

our being

we pause in the busyness of our lives to come before the one who is The Way

longing to follow

longing to be led

longing to enter the Divine dance with

God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit

longing to set aside our pride

our envy

our selfish ambition

our boasting

and simply to rest in the gentle caress of the Hidden Love of God

that Love of God

which is in every blade of grass

each hue of the trees

each one of us

if only we are prepared to see

prepared to be

prepared to let go of all which is not loving

knowing God’s love flows in and through us

refining us

shaping us

moulding us

to be true servants of one another

our neighbours

the world

Teaching us again and again how to be true disciples of the One who gave all for us

The Servant King

who offers Holy Wisdom to us

that we may submit ourselves to God

this hour in worship

and all the days of our lives in praise and service to the very source of our being