Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 1 December 2019

We have come to the mountain of the Lord

with praise in our hearts and thanksgiving on our tongues, let us face the realities of the world, as we pray for others and the world:

Begotten God

Eternal One

Holy is your name

worthy of all our thanksgiving

illuminate this world with the light of your love

that we may see more clearly the places which long to know and see your justice and righteousness


Preparing God

this Advent season, prepare all the nations to seek the mountain of the Lord

to come and know your goodness, mercy, care

prepare within us the willingness to take risks to proclaim “Wake up! The Lord is near”


All embracing One

we thank you, no matter what we have done, no matter who we are, we are welcome to worship you and know your love

encourage in each one of us the willingness to be the people who are Christ in the world

to be Jesus in this church

to reach out and touch those others do not want to be with

on this World AIDS day, we offer this our prayer for those affected by HIV and AIDS

bless those who are infected

those who are care for AIDS orphans

those who treat, support and draw alongside people living with HIV/AIDS

those who speak out in challenge of discrimination and prejudice

those who strive to find a cure


Lord of Love

we offer our prayers spoken and written on our hearts in and through Christ Jesus