Approach and confession prayer 9 January 2022

Worship we bring this day

to the Lord

whose splendour is holiness

who is King of all

heaven and earth

seen and unseen

forever and ever

may this worship we bring

give glory to the King of kings

the One whose voice

thunders over mighty waters

roars across valleys

bellows on the plains

breathing life into all living things

and calling to us

come, know my Love

know my Love”

sent in Christ Jesus

blessing the people

with peace

forever and ever

Lord God

Father, Son, Spirit

worship we bring this day

in awe and wonder

at all you are

and all you offer us

may it be acceptable in your sight

and blend with the great crowd of witnesses

joined in baptism to Christ

and one another

in heaven and on earth

this day and always

may we remember

through the baptism we have received

you have taken away our sins

all the ways we’ve failed you

and one another

once again, we are truly sorry for all the wrong things we’ve done

and ask for forgiveness

God washes you clean

and takes away your sins

today and always

through Jesus