Stewardship time others 24 April 2016

Time giving God

we praise and thank you for giving us the seasons of the land

we watch in awe at new born lambs coming into the world

seemingly so fragile, yet able to stand within a few moments of birth

seemingly without knowledge of the world, but they know their mothers

grant fair weather, that shepherds can gather their sheep to them and that the lambs survive and grow into healthy animals

grant times of rest to farmers, as they work many, many hours, 7 days a week, to plough fields, to plant crops, to take their beasts to new pastures

grant them satisfaction in their work and the means to make ends meet, for without farmers, our landscape would be very different

Time giving God

we praise and thank you for giving us the seasons of life

from new born babe completely dependent on their parents; teenager working out who they are, young adult, going their own way; older adult with responsibilities work and mortgage and children and elderly relatives

and towards the end of life, when we look back at what we can no longer do, sometimes with sadness, sometimes with a longing acceptance

remind us the circle of life is so important

that young can learn from old

and old can be taught the new ways of the world by the young

remind us too, there are times in our lives filled with activity, as with the spring bursting forth in all its colour

and other times, where we seem to be unproductive, but you are helping us to lie fallow

so when the time comes, we can flourish for you

help us to see when others are filled with activity

in their lives or in the work of the church, and be willing to shoulder the load with them or lighten their burden that they may have more time for self and for you, Lord God

And for those who feel they have little they can do, grant us the grace to reassure them that there is a season for everything

Now, in a quiet moment, we bring before God those prayers which are laid on our hearts


Christ our Lord, accept these our prayers, spoken and unspoken