Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 25 September 2022


we praise you, we honour you,

we offer thanksgiving before you

for rulers and governments may change

empires may fall

tyrants make evil threats

yet you are The only Ruler

The only Lord

The Only King

to you be all praise and thanksgiving

unlike our earthly Kings and rulers

we delight to know you

through the amazing creation we are grateful surrounds us

through the love of family and friends

through a million different things you bless us

and all your creation with

each and every day

thank you

from the bottom of our hearts and souls

thank you

help us to be content with what we have

where we have much

grant us a spirit of generosity

where we are well fed

grant to us a spirit of hospitality

where we are well clothed

grant to us hearts willing to share

always seeking to follow the teaching and example of Jesus

Christ Jesus

there’s much to lament in this world

climate change

corrupt governments

wars, famines, droughts, flooding

where will it end?

We commit all those situations into your care

seeking that, by the holy spirit’s power

hearts and minds of earthly kings, rulers and governments

may be changed

for the wholeness and healing of your world

your creation, which you saw was very good

Good and Great King

there’s none like you

in you we trust

help us to deepen that trust

as we bring before you, in a few moments of quiet, the people, places and situations which are in our hearts and on our minds today


all those prayers, spoken and unspoken

we lay at the throne of grace

the throne of our true King

through Christ Jesus