Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 31 January 2021

With our whole hearts

we come

to bring our thanks and praise to the Lord

for redemption offered

and covenant kept

Wonderful is God’s name and worthy to be praised


Everlasting One

not a day goes by which you do not cherish

not a person comes into this world whom you do not love

no death or loss is hidden from your sight

we thank you all are held in the palm of your hands

and we praise you

that you have adopted us, even us, as your beloved children

called, by faith, to build up one another, in love

love revealed in Christ Jesus

Compassionate Christ

we are grateful you lift us up when we fall

and you support us in our weakness

for without your love and mercy in our lives

we are nothing

and our knowledge is for nought

reveal to us those who are weak

that we may learn from then

show us how to change our lives

least others would stumble and fall

this week has felt dark

cold, dreary weather

icy roads and pavements

deaths and pain all around we see

it feels overwhelming

too much to take in

too much for us to envision how our prayers make a difference

to hungry children, whose faces we cannot picture

abused women, unable to break free

young people, feeling the future is bleak

our environment, needing healing

we know it’s easier to think of those known to us;

friends, family, neighbours

for we see their faces, know their circumstances

yet, we know, with our whole hearts

you hold all these we pray for in your hands

and you answer all our prayers

through us

and through others

help us to always pray in that knowledge

grant our strength in our affliction

and great hope for tomorrow

in the wonderful knowledge that you are God

and great are your works