Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 29 May 2022

What a blessing it is

to rejoice in the Lord

to know God’s love

for us

for our families

for all humanity

praise the Lord

with thankful, grateful hearts

for this blessing is more precious

than money or property

it is the way to eternal life

and the building of God’s kingdom on earth as in heaven

let all the earth praise the Lord

with thankfulness and joy

in our thankfulness and joy

we recall those who have pointed to God

in words and actions

changing the world

their communities

our lives

through God’s power

and in the name of Jesus

Sweet, blessed Jesus

how wonderful it is to know you

and to follow your ways

to bring before you our prayers for this world

knowing you receive each one

we pray for prisoners of the justice system

that they may know your love and be set free

we pray for prisoners of arrogance

that they may become humble

we pray for prisoners of poverty

that governments may act to break these chains

we pray for prisoners of prejudice

may their attitudes be challenged,

their hearts and minds changed

we pray for prisoners of conflict

that they may find safe haven

we pray for those who imprison others

through bullying, intimidation, fear

enter their hearts, Jesus

melt their hearts

We pray all chains which bind people

may fall off

and your people, rich and poor

powerful and powerless

may know their worth

and receive the joy of knowing Christ Jesus

and the love of God he revealed