Approach and confession prayer 6 March 2022

Under the shadow of the Almighty

we find our rest

Let us say

let us know

let us know in our hearts

God is our refuge

our fortress

In God

and God alone

we trust

for The Most High is our dwelling

in God’s house

we are protected from harm

rescued, because the Lord loves us

delivered, because the Lord cares for us

for God is our salvation

when we call on the Lord

The Lord answers

when we are in trouble

God delivers us

and shows us salvation

revealed in Jesus

who was led by the spirit to the wilderness

faced temptation

and resisted

for 40 days

Jesus held firm

showing deep, deep trust in God The Father

showing us, though temptations and hardships may come our way

no matter what, we are never alone, never abandoned

in that knowledge

we come

we come, this Lent

to pray

to focus our hearts and minds

on Jesus

to learn from his life

to follow the way which leads to the cross

the path of our salvation

the route by which we are shown we are loved and forgiven


in the knowledge of that love and forgiveness

may our lives turn more and more to God’s ways

as we are led, by the spirit

in our worship today

in the wilderness

seeking protection from all harm

through our living faith in Jesus Christ