Lord, where are you going?

Lord, where are you going?”

Peter, again, confused.

Peter, again, not understanding.

Peter, again, saying what everyone else is thinking.

Lord, where are you going?”

How long had Jesus talked of the cross, talked of his death.

They really didn’t get it, did they?

That the Messiah was to die.

Lord, where are you going?”

Did Peter, did the disciples really want the answer?

Did they really want to know where Jesus was going?

Now, right now, they couldn’t come with Jesus

They couldn’t go where the Messiah had to go.

Peter, determined, Peter

Would you really lay down your life for Jesus?

Would you really die for the Messiah?

No, not really.

For you do not really understand what that means.

You do not understand what Jesus is going to do for you, Peter.

Die for you, Peter

on the cross

And when he hangs there, Peter, dear, dear Peter

you will be nowhere to be seen

you will have denied Jesus

and left him alone

Lord, where are you going?”

nowhere anyone else can go