Approach and confession prayer 13 September 2020

Tremble at the presence of the Lord

The God of Jacob

who lead the people from slavery to freedom

granting sanctuary in Judah

feel the wonder of Christ

who took on flesh

and lives with us

calls to us

show my love

as I show you love

Meet the Holy Spirit

here, in this place

hovering in and around you

inspiring you to love and forgiveness

connecting you and I to the whole world-wide church

as together, we bow, humbly before the throne of grace

knowing we are not worthy to approach

for our clothes are manky with all the dirt of our sins and fault

all the ways we’ve failed to pass on love to those who have offended us

all the times where we’ve clung to a grudge

all the times where we’ve forgotten our debts are forgiven

so we should forgive the debts, the sins, the wrongdoings of others


what can we do, but fall at your feet

in pentitence and sorrow

as we realise more and more

that we have failed you and one another

in your presence

we seek your forgiveness

and offer our sincere and remorseful hearts


May the God of love

enter your heart today

cleanse it

and dress you in clean, new clothes

making you fit to lift your head, to gaze upon the one

forgives you and who loves you more than you can ever know

Christ Jesus

Our Lord, Saviour and Friend