Approach and confession prayer 18 April 2021

God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob

in the mighty name of Jesus we come

we come to hear the amazing redemptive story once more

we come to offer ourselves as living sacrifices before the one

who offers peace

by his presence with us

Jesus Christ our Lord

may we know you with us this day

show us your wounds

help us to see the wonder they contain

wounds revealing depth of love unparalleled

wounds in hands which touched leper clean

reached out and shaped mountains and meadows

wounds in feet which walked alongside the doubters and the seekers

from generation to generation

since the garden of Eden

what love is this?

Awe and wonder belong to you

our God and King

accept us as we are this day, Jesus

where our minds are troubled

bring calm

where we are filled with doubt

bring faith

where we fail to believe

bring understanding

allow us to touch you

to feel you with us

even though there are times where turn from your presence

all too aware of how far from your witnesses we can be

keeping our faith private, and failing to share with others

living in ways which don’t point to you

forgetting to place you before all things

have mercy on us

hear our distress

grant us relief

in seeing your wounds

on hands and feet and side

and knowing in those love greater than we may ever fully know was offered to the world

forgiving our, and the world’s sins

touch us

make us truly witness of the power of the resurrection

this day and always