Approach and confession prayer 25 September 2022

Who is God?


mighty, judge and ruler of earth

through whom, by whom, in whom all things

seen and unseen

were made

Who is God?

Saver of God’s people



The One we love

and long to love more

The One we gather

to worship

with heart, soul, mind and strength

in this place

and all the days of our lives

The One who held nothing back

not even God’s Son

Christ Jesus

to live among humanity

and offer his life

revealing the depths of God’s love

for us all

what wonder is this?

To know God,

even a little

to bring our words, even though they are carefully crafted

they seem so inadequate to express the wonder, the adoration, the love we have

they seem so inadequate to even express a little of who God is

so we pause, bowing at the throne of grace this day.

As we pause, we reflect on how we have sinned in thought, word and deed

on our own, and in common with others

in so doing, we’ve stayed from The Way, and failed to mirror Christ’s glory in the world

in penance, we repent.


Look, Christ Jesus

lived, died, went to the depths of hell for you

offering God’s love in the wounds he bears

know the healing those wounds bring

through your sins, your wrongdoings, being forgiven

through Christ Jesus

our King, our true Lord

now and always