Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 16 October 2022

All praise and honour be yours and yours alone

Lord God

our heavenly King

Ruler of earth

and giver of life eternal

praise be to you for scripture

which points the way to salvation through faith in Christ Jesus the Son

praise be for the Scottish Bible Society

their translators, donors and workers

giving access to bibles across the world

in a language people can understand

praise be that we can access scripture in many translations, in book, online and app forms

praise be Lord God, for putting your law in our minds, and writing it on our hearts

that we can carry the law of love wherever we are

Loving Lord God

Creator, Sustainer, Redeemer

our hearts ache there are so many who do not want to hear your Word

who look to preachers who will say what they want to hear

rather than hearing the truth, the ultimate truth

of Jesus

his Way, his commands, his love

for all

we pray their hearts and minds may be softened

that they may know the great joy of the love and forgiveness you offer

As those who know that love and forgiveness

we thank you for those who came before us, passing the faith onto us

for those who have found healing and blessing

in times of trial and struggle

celebration and festivity

in the Church

and from those who follow Jesus

Christ Jesus

we pray for those who preach your path in their discreet actions, unseen by many

and known to you

may they continue your good work, even when faced with criticism

we thank you for those who have faithfully preached the gospel, from Paul and Timothy, right up to the here and now

may their wisdom deepen

that they may equip others for every good work of yours, God

empower us

and other you have called to yourself in Christ

to serve whether the time is right or wrong

for the world, when we look at the news, and our communities

is so in need of your grace and love

it is so much, we cannot find the words

so we pause, in the quiet of this place

to bring the people, places and situations which are on our hearts and in our minds today before the throne of grace


Creator, Redeemer, Sustainer

we offer all these prayers before you today

trusting you will respond to each one

and we are thankful for that blessing too.