Intercession and thanksgiving Epiphany 2017

Almighty King

Glorious Father

we praise and bless you for the gift of your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord

a gift for the whole world to see

accessible, vulnerable, human

we can touch and see and hear him

this is the light of our world

with us

thank you Lord

for this gift, so wondrously given to us

given for the whole world

we pray for those who celebrated Christ’s birth

with food and gifts and parties

yet are still searching for meaning in their lives

we pray for those who wanted to celebrate Christ’s birth

but the cupboards were quite literally bare

we pray for those who wish to prevent the celebration of Christ’s birth

least it may cause offence or might result in a change in people’s hearts


grant us the courage to tell others about Christ’s birth, and to show, in our words, actions and deeds, that he is truly the light and life of the world

Christ our King

we praise you for living among us

showing mercy and justice and love

in your healing, in your teaching, in your actions

we recall before you those who are in need of your mercy, justice, love

because they are in pain, body, mind or soul

because justice has failed them

because no one has shown them mercy

still their minds, open their hearts to your goodness with them

and guide those in our world who seek to bring about, in their actions, mercy, justice, love

those who care for us, day after day

those who volunteer in foodbanks across the country

those who take medical care to places of war and violence, bringing hope and healing

Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer