Approach and confession prayer 16 December 2018

With expectation we come, Lord God

drawing closer to the day where we will great you

drawing closer to Christmas

the great feast of your arrival with us

God incarnate

blessed deity

As we draw closer to that time

prepare our hearts, thoughts and minds to fully receive you in our lives anew

to be open to the wonder, delight and surprise of Christmas

to be willing to see Christ with us in our celebrations, plans, arrangements

release us this hour from the busyness and pressures which mount upon us this month

that we can rest truly in you and your love for us

Lord God

Mysterious God

open up the wonder of you to us anew this Advent

show us how we can make way for you in our lives

teach us how we can live our lives, our ordinary lives justly, humbly, graciously, lovingly

that your light may shine through all we do

Light bearing Christ

send your light to us, we pray

may it blaze as holy fire in us

burning all the chaff away within us which is not Holy, is not honourable, is not loving, is not just

Justice Seeking One

you’re deepest desire is justice and mercy would reign on earth as in heaven

yet through where we shop, workers are oppressed and abused

yet through giving gifts to those with much, we fail to give to those with nothing

yet through being too busy in December, we fail to prepare for Christ-coming to be with us

forgive us, we pray

teach us how we can repent of all the ways where your will is not done

teach us how, in our ordinary lives

we can be worthy to be disciples of Christ

in whose name we pray