Approach and confession prayer 7 July 2019

Humbly, we bow before your throne, God of the universe

humbly, we come into this place where heaven and earth meet

this place which is ordinary, plain, familiar

this place made holy and special in and through your presence with us in the Holy Spirit


as we gather

enter our hearts, God of love

as we gather

accept our prayers, God of grace

as we gather

accept our songs, God worthy of praise

for you are the one we honour

you are the one we worship

you are the one we give ourselves to

in humble service

to the One who loves us, redeems us, sustains us

worthy are you oh God

worthy of all we are, all we have, all our adoration

in this place, where heaven and earth meet


Ruler of Heaven and Earth

of all seen and unseen

of all that was and is and is yet to come

release us anew from all which burdens or worries us

all which limits our love of you, ourselves and other

all which causes us to sin

release us through the power of your love revealed in Christ Jesus, your Son, our Saviour, Sibling, Friend

that we may be the people we are called to be

that we may worship in spirit and in truth

this day and forevermore