Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 30 August 2020

Lord God

Holy One

eternal are your thoughts

in reverence we give thanks this is so

for you see into our hearts

and know our true intentions

and forgive us when we slip

we thank you your ways,

your path,

your calling

is not of the world

but of the kingdom of heaven

and we thank you for your trust

shown to Peter

and to us

to be the ones who take up our crosses and follow you

Leading Christ

as you lead us

show us those who need your care and compassion

those who were shielding, anxious in being around others

those who are still furloughed, increasingly concerned for their futures

those who have had medical treatment delayed, still in pain, physical and mental

inspire us to practical action to support them

and political action to speak out on their behalves

Overseeing One

assist us to view the world from your point-of-view

looking beyond ourselves and our local concerns

we pray for those affected by the wildfires in California

The hurricane causing havoc in Louisiana

people of colour, subject to increasing racism

farmers struggling to adapt to a changing climate

Lord, in your mercy

hear our prayer

And in a few moments of quiet we pause to offer our prayer for those people, places and situations which are on our hearts and minds this day


accept these prayers, spoken and unspoken

offered in faith and love

through Christ Jesus

who lives and reigns with God the Father and the Holy Spirit

One God

Now and always