Approach and confession prayer 8 April 2018

Mighty is the Lord and great are God’s deeds

all the works of the Lord at God’s command

the moon and stars

heaven and earth

sun and earth

all held in their places at the decree of the Lord

the animals of the land

the fish of the sea

the birds of the air

all move and breath because the Lord made it so

how marvellous, how wonderful that we can look upon such things

see their beauty

observe their voyage across the land and the sky

showing the changing months

marking the seasons

indicating the passing of the years

all wonderful, all marvellous to behold

all pointing to their creator, maker, redeemer

for even if humans did not walk the earth

the very stones and rocks of the hills

would shout in praise to the Lord

in praise to the Lord

who we come to worship

whom we gather at the throne of to proclaim

My God and King”

to bow with reverence and fear before the one who is to be lifted high

is to be glorified

is to be honoured

in our praise, our prayers

with our hearts, our thoughts, our minds

this hour

may our worship bring glory to God

may our worship be pleasing to the Lord

may our worship be inspired by the Holy Spirit

that we may deepen our love for our God

who gives to us in love

that we may know the forgiveness God offers for all the ways we have sinned against God and one another through Jesus Christ our Lord

the resurrected one, who is at God the Father’s right hand

and who blesses us that, when we go from here, we may bless others through Christ’s redeeming love