Thanksgiving and intercession 15 October 2017

Sovereign King

What a banquet you prepare for us

the best meats

the finest wines

prepared for us

for the good and bad

as a sign of your kingdom blessings

where all are invited

all are provided for, generously, abundantly


may our thanks be worthy of your generously, Our King


Calling Christ

We are your servants, the ones you have invited, chosen and called

called to go out to the street corners and invite anyone and everyone we find to come and be with you

to come and enjoy the wedding feast which has been prepared

we thank you for the opportunity to be your servants


may our service be worthy of your generously, Calling Christ


Provoking Spirit

rise within us the willingness to be the servants, the disciples we are called to be

to see the places where God is already at work

extending God’s invitation to all people, the bad and the good

it is hard for us to see, where is it not in church

it feels distant, removed, as clouds and mist surround your activity in the world

lift the mist

come and show us your will

show us where we can work with those who fight to end poverty

reveal to us where we can work with those who support refugees fleeing war torn countries

demonstrate to us where we can work with those who labour tirelessly for the benefit of their communities

In your mercy, Heavenly King

make us fit to be guests at the wedding you prepare us for

as your bride, your church

joined with our brothers and sisters in Christ throughout the world

united as Christ’s disciples to be servants to all God’s people

that they may be blessed

through our love and the love of God which unites us