Approach and confession prayer 2 July 2023

Adoration we bring this day

adoration for the King of kings

Lord of lords

Mighty and Majestic are God

whom we know

whom we trust

and long to know and trust more and more

adoration we bring this day

offering our whole selves

as holy, living sacrifices

laying what we have at God’s table

trusting in God’s love

what we bring

with our hearts,

with our minds

with our bodies

with our souls

are fitting offerings

made holy through your blessing them

Lord God

and blessing us

with your presence

in this time of worship

through the power of the Holy Spirit

moving within and around us

Increase our trust, we pray

that we may truly respond

when you call

here I am.”

Calling Christ

you are our reward

through you we are made righteous

help us to follow your path

seek us out when we stray far from your way

forgive us when we fail to trust in you and your unfailing love for us

for the task you call us on

seems to be all but loss

in God’s great mercy and love

receive again the forgiveness offered through Christ Jesus

in that forgiveness, may your trust and love of God deepen

to follow where God calls