Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 26 April 2020

In this moment

in this time

we pause to think and pray for all the good gifts you have given us, Lord God

and to think and pray for others and your world

though we realise it feels a little overwhelming at the moment

We begin close to home

that we have safe places to be in,

neighbours who say hello from across the street and who make sure we have what we need

for the coming together of communities, as we support one another

for delivery drivers and postal workers

bin collections and local shops

for farmers and crofters,

pharmacists and cleaners

they ensure we are fed and safe

bless their work

keep them safe

and forgive us where we, as a society, have overlooked them


Christ Jesus

in the breaking of bread you were seen

we thank you for bakers, and all who make sure there’s bread in the shops

where we have more than enough, may we share with others

where we don’t have enough, may we be willing to ask for help

not just for bread

we recall those who are struggling to fill their days

or have no one to sit and hold their hand

or to share a meal with

be present with them, as you were on the road to Emmaus

and help us to show love and compassion through the phone, chats at a safe distance, and online

to everyone we encounter


Loving God

for the greening and growing of the grass, we give you thanks

for the singing of the birds

we give you thanks

for the blossom on the trees

we give you thanks

may the whole of creation be blessed


Loving, Eternal God

we place ourselves, those we love, those we struggle to love

into your care

knowing you walk the Way with us

and will never leave us