Opening prayer 29 January 2017

How can we not be amazed by your glory Lord God?

as the light at dawn radiates across the waters, illuminating the world

so too, your glory which shines in and through all creation

your glory which is too bright for us to look upon directly for it is blinding

your glory is too large for us to comprehend, as you are outwith all creation, yet present in the very petal of the snowdrops which burst forth from the ground

the only response we can have to your glory is to come in humility, before you now

trusting in your never ending goodness to us

faithful in your promises to us, and to all creation

hopeful in your love for each one of us, and all made in your image

though your glory is so intangible we fail to fully grasp your righteousness

you come to us in ways we can understand

in our worship this day

in the words of the prophets

in songs of praise

in prayers

in your son, Jesus Christ, our Lord

and in and through your Holy Spirit

may our time in your presence be acceptable in your sight, Lord God

May we know we were blessed before we arrived here, before we even glimpsed your glory

blessed beyond imagining

blessed not because of what we have done

but blessed because we are precious, precious children of God

even precious when we have been proud, stubborn, arrogant

placing our own views, our own attitudes, our own selfish desires front and centre

forgive us heavenly Father, teach us to turn from the paths which lead away from you

and guide us on the paths of humility, mercy, justice and love