Thanksgiving and intercession 9 October 2016

(NB This prayer was used in a care home service)

Eternal God

the glory of this day reminds us of the beauty of your creation

made in your love, by your love, very good in your love

we praise you for your creation

as autumn hues replace summer tones

as dark nights allow us to glimpse the stars more clearly

as the early morning mist gathers in pockets on the hillsides

all remind us of your glory

which we praise and thank you for

Providing Lord

we bless you for all you have given us each day of our lives

family and friends, with whom we built our lives and hold them in our hearts, even if they are no longer at our sides

the places we have lived and worked, all shaping us to the people we are today

the place we live now, where we are cared for, loved

your blessings to us are amazing.

May we, in this place, be a blessing to those around us

those we eat with, those we sit next to, those who care for us

be with all the staff here, guide their work and may they know they are valued by us and our families for all they do for us.

Gracious God

Nothing is too big or too hard for you

for you are all in all

but we struggle to understand why hospitals are bombed in Aleppo

why young lives are snatched away too soon, due to disease, famine, war

why those in power speak words which bring distress and discomfort to us as to those to whom those words are directed

we do not know what we can do to change these situations

we feel so helpless, so unable to understand what we can possibly offer to help

so, in faith and trust that all things will be made new in and through Jesus Christ our Lord

we offer these and all the things which concern us before you

knowing you hear each prayer, understand each need, and love each person