Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 13 February 2022

Lord God

Heavenly Father

what blessing is this, you sent your Son


to the world?

What a blessing this is for us to know

the anointed One of God

as our friend and saviour

what a blessing this is for us to gather

in peace and safety

as Christians in this place

with our roots in the stream of living water

which brings fruit forth for all the world

what a blessing this is

and we thank and honour you for these blessings

Blessing One

may we always turn towards you as our Lord

placing our trust and hearts in your hands

knowing you long to give good things to your children

blessings for us

for all humanity

for all creation

Creator God

your world was made in love

through your goodness

yet it often falls short of your glory

there is fear at what the future holds among some of your disciples

take away that fear, and help all Jesus’ followers to place their trust in him and him alone

there is anger across our society

where that is righteous anger

may it be used for good

where it is anger born of pain and dread

bring peace and healing

Healing Christ

all who come seeking you

you heal

we think today of those in need of your healing

those who are tired and weary at the impact the last 2 years has had on them

those who suffer the ongoing affects of long Covid

those who are oblivious to the inequalities in our land

those who will chose to heat or eat

our list could go on and on

we rest in the assurance you know the pain and sorrow of this world

better than we can

and you also hear all our prayers

so we offer, in a few moments of quiet,

the people, places and situations which are in our hearts and on our minds today


accept all these our prayers, Lord God

offered in faith and trust through Christ Jesus