Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 11 April 2021

Word of Life

Light of God

Holy One

we honour you

one heart and mind

we give you praise and thanksgiving

for the glorious resurrection

where sins are forgiven

death crushed under your feet, never to defeat humanity again

what joy is ours that we know of this through our faith in the living Christ Jesus

who has risen

he has risen indeed

and in his resurrection, eternal life was revealed to us

this is our joy

this is our salvation

this is our redemption

which calls us to bring all we have

all our money and possessions

all our skills and gifts

and lay them before you

Lord Jesus

for all belongs to you

and we are grateful for these blessings, and the many other blessings you have bestowed on our lives

may we give generously,

with kindness and without judgement

to the work and witness of the kingdom of God

High King of Heaven

in your earthly life

you reached out to include those your society excluded

signs of the kingdom of heaven breaking into the world

teach us to include those society or the church excludes

open our hearts to bless our communities

with generous spirits that all may receive according to their need

and foodbanks and clothing banks may be wiped from creation

open the hearts of governments of wealthy countries to not cling to vaccines

but work towards an even sharing of this blessing you have bestowed on the world, through scientific research and endeavour

and we bless and thank you for the roll out of the vaccine across our land

bless those who work behind the scenes for this massive logistical challenge

and those who administer it

we praise you for the light of hopefulness this gives us

and now, in a few moments of quiet, we bring before you Lord God the people, places and situations which are on our minds and in our hearts today



hear our prayer

in your great mercy graciously hear

all these prayers

spoken and unspoken

offered through Christ Jesus

who is the intercessor

for the whole world