Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 6 April 2017

Lord of the Palm-branches

we praise and thank you for coming into the world, as Jesus

That we could learn how to live as truly God’s people

that we could be drawn back into the loving embrace of the Trinity, Father Son and Holy Spirit

it is wonderful for us to know this embrace, this love

we look around your world, and we know many do not recognise that embrace, that love

They struggle with sickness of body, mind, soul

they watch as their children die before their eyes

they grieve for all they have lost, through violence, selfishness, death

It is little wonder they fail to feel your embrace, your love

and we pause, to express our sorrow that your world does not go after Jesus Christ as the one who comes in the name of the Lord


though we cannot change the whole world, Lord God

we can help those we live with, who care for us, who visit us to know they are loved beyond all imagining


Christ our King

You came in peace to a troubled world

where power, status and possessions held sway

where the poor were downtrodden, while the rich got richer

how like our own world this seems

we bring before you those who make decisions which affect the lives of the poorest and marginalised in our communities

guide those decisions that even the least in our society may know your embrace, your love

We thank you for the leaders in our land, in church, local councils, Scottish and UK governments, our Queen

we are blessed to have people who are willing to serve in these ways.

May we always pray for their welfare.

May we always remember they are vulnerable, flawed humans, as we are

May their actions, words and decisions reflect your will, Lord God

may they set aside party politics for the good of this land, this world and all people