Approach and confession prayer 5 April 2020



Hosanna in the highest

from highest mountain to lowest valley

may hosannas echo through the land

from houses and flats

croft and farm houses

tenements and care homes

high rises and housing schemes

may hosannas echo through the land

hosannas in praise

to rejoice this day and be glad in it

to seek the glory of the Lord

and behold God in the temple

a temple not made from stone and wood

but a temple of living stone

whose foundation is Christ Jesus our Lord

it is to him we offer our bent reeds

it is to him we offer our stifled hosannas

and he hears them all

accepts them all

and loves them all


Christ Jesus

as we hear the familiar story

as we pray and praise you

fill our hearts and souls with the Spirit

may she encourage us

support us

guide us

this day

and all the days of our lives


Everlasting One

May we know you with us this week

in everything we are

forgive us for not treating each new day as a gift to be enjoyed

for it is a new day you have given to us

forgive us when we have got upset with loved ones

and may we forgive them too

cleanse us of all fear and hurt and pain and worry

through Christ Jesus we pray