Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 8 August 2021

Bread of Life

source of our sustaining power

fountain of living water which quenches our thirty

provider of sustaining bread, which fills us

praise and thanksgiving we lay at your feet

such power

such grace

such mercy

we receive

alleluia that we believe in the One sent from heave

Christ Jesus

giver of life for the world

alleluia we are joined siblings to one another

through his loving sacrifice

alleluia God the Father draws us into God’s embrace through God the Son

alleluia we can sing your praise, in the day and in the night

joining with heaven and earth

to give thanksgiving for the life of the world


Praise God

Father, Son, Spirit

for the great love shown to us

and the whole world

that all who come to God

can receive eternal life

Eternal God

help us to stop looking back at what was

to live in the presence

and trust in your future and plan for your people

to offer the little we think we can give

in faith all things are possible through your blessing

bless those who seek to reach out to those on the margins of church, of society, of life

may their action reveal your true presence

bless those who continue to serve in your name, even when faced with opposition to the gospel

may they remain firm in their faith, ever trusting in your support and guidance

bless those who work to keep our communities safe

from all harm

may they know their work is not in vain

bless all the work which has allowed easing of Covid restrictions once again

may their work not be unravelled

bless the ill and dying

may they know peace

bless all who mourn

may they be filled with love

bless all who labour for peace

may they know they are your children

bless all who hunger and thirst for righteousness

may they be filled

filled with the bread of life

Christ Jesus

who is the life of the world

and through whom we offer these prayers

in faith and trust