Thanksgiving and intercession 12 August 2018

Nourishing God

We praise and thank you for all which sustains us

food and drink

warmth and shelter

the soft touch from someone who cares

a smile from a friend on the path

those who spend time with us

those who have an interest in how we are

without these simple, yet important things, life would be grey

with them, life is full of colour, vibrancy, joy

thank you, Nourishing God

our hearts break to think of those who do not know these things

children going hungry in the school holidays

those with disabilities which make them housebound, lonely, isolated

those who have lost their dearest companion and no longer have someone to offer a caring touch

those who think they have not a friend in the world

Lord God

send your Holy Spirit to bring comfort and healing, peace and care to all of these people

and to those who can change their circumstances

neighbours and friends, to pop in and say “hello”

local, Scottish and UK governments, to have policies that ensure all children are fed, those with disabilities can get around, there are places in our communities the welcome all

Welcoming Christ

we thank you that we know your welcome

we bless you we know the life you offer to the world

may we bless the world with our lives

in prayer, in companionship, in fellowship, in love

that they too may know the life of the world

You, Jesus Christ, our Saviour, redeemer, friend