Opening prayer 23 April 2017

Praise to God

Praise to the Son

Praise to the Holy Spirit

One God, three in one and one in three

in perfect harmony, in perfect love

Praise our souls to the King of heaven

God Almighty

Trustworthy Friend

Faithful Counsellor

From whom and through whom all seen and unseen came into being

created as an expression of love by the trinity of God

from the capillaries of the grass, invisible to the naked eye

to the grandeur of snow capped mountains

all made in and through the love which binds the three together

a love all creation is part of

a love where all creation can sing, our God and King

a love which we are invited to join with

along with angels and archangels

along with the prophets of old

along with the saints and holy people of faith, from generation to generation

along with the entire body of Christ throughout the whole world

So we join, in love and praise and worship to the blessed Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit

Join in love, wishing our humble praise and prayers may waft up, as pleasing incense to the highest heights

to blend with cherubim and seraphim

in a never ending hymn of glory

to the One who is our refuge, our delight, our all in all

The One who made known to us the path of life, through Jesus Christ the risen Lord

Christ, who is risen

He is risen indeed

As we approach God’s throne this hour

may we lay our burdens down

the burdens of sin

the burden of things said or not said

the burden of things done or not done

the burden of blame and guilt we carry within

May we place those burdens at the foot of the cross

knowing through Jesus’ death and glorious resurrection, we are forgiven and set free to know the wonder of life and love from God, which passes all understanding

That knowing that forgiveness, we can follow the One who counsels and instructs us

the Lord Jesus Christ