Approach and confession prayer 18 January 2015

Lord our God

with your breath, your voice, your word

all creation, was brought forth

all of life, all which has been, which is and will be were made, in and through your transforming words.

It is astounding to realise all we see, all we know, all we might understand, came into being through your speech.

everything around us shouts of your glory, but we fail to appreciate, to grasp, to really listen to the praise which all creation sings to their maker and life bestower.

Even the flowers and mountains, grass and rocks, meadows and boulders serenade you.

Communicating God

talk to us this morning, this hour

announce your will for us, your will for the world, in our prayers, our praise, our preaching

open our ears to fully, truly, hear what you are saying to us, your people, gathered as your church in this place

Speaking Father

May our words, all those we say and think and hear be worthy of your tribulation, worthy of your, intoning love and peace and grace to all your world. And may it be worthy to join with the adoration of the heavenly creatures, crying holy, holy, holy.

Calling Christ

You spoke to the outcast, the rejected, the outsider and invite us to go and do likewise.

Yet time and time again, we fail to listen to your call, take seriously your words.

Or, we do not listen, we stop up our ears when those of other beliefs and none still tell of your glory, singing of your holiness, praise your being.

Or, we do not listen, we stop up our ears, when the journey you would call us on does not fit in with our plans, with the way we would wish to travel.

Forgive us,Father God, and gently whisper to us, that we will know we are loved and cherished by you, our God so much you gave your Son, Jesus Christ to show the path we should follow