Approach and confession prayer 14 April 2024

Heavenly Father

Glory and honour and praise be yours forever and ever

for all seen and unseen

all known and unknown

all past, present, future

are in your mind

such knowledge is so wonderful, we cannot comprehend

why you, creator of everything

breather of life

shaper of mountains and plains

star scatterer

would look upon us

us, part of your creation

and call us your children

bless us as your beloved sons and daughters

this is such an amazing gift

which we come to give our thanks and adoration for

in our hymns and songs

our prayers

our mediation on your Word

revealed in Christ Jesus

our saviour and Lord

Christ Jesus

fill us with your joy and peace,

peace beyond all human understanding

peace of knowing we’re set free from our sin

through your cross

as we receive this forgiveness

accept our worship

offered in your name

to your honour and glory