Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 14 March 2021

Give thanks to the Lord

Whose love endures forever

gathering people to God

from east and west

north and south

across the world

redeeming the people of darkness

through the revealing of the glorious light

in and through Christ Jesus

gratitude erupts from our hearts and minds

that we are included in this saving plan

thank you, Lord Jesus

thank you, thank you, thank you

for this

and for speaking truth into our lives

even when that truth may be painful or difficult

for shining light into our lives

even though it shows the stains in our lives so sharply

assist us to be willing to change, from darkness to light

for your sake

and the sake of others in your world

Reigning Christ

the powers and dominions of this world are out of kilter

weapons make people fearful,



even if never used

the rich get richer

and the poor don’t even get scraps

NHS staff work selflessly to help and protect us

and they are insulted in return

wealthy countries cling to vaccines for their populations

rather than generously ensuring equality across the globe

what can we do about these injustices, Lord God?

Powerless as we are?

Help us to pray tirelessly for these, and all situations which, though we cannot fix, trust in you to move hearts and minds of those who can

Powerful Spirit

though we cannot see you, we feel you at work

within and around us

grant us courage to shine a light on the darkness of this world

not to condemn it, but to offer the light which is love

the love of God the Father, revealed through the love of God the Son

that, in time, the kingdom may come

on earth as in heaven