Ordinary time 16B Opening Prayer 19 June 2015

Sovereign God

benevolent ruler of all creation, of all heaven and earth

nothing is outwith your care, your authority, your love

even the aphids in the leaves of the might oaks are under your influence, though they may know nothing of it.

But we are blessed, with hearts and minds which know you, which love your and wish to know and love you more, each and every day.

So we gather, from places near and far, as your church in this place, in this time.

We gather, together to feel your loving care in your presence with us.

May our worship be acceptable in your sight, O Lord our God

May it be holy and worthy, a blessing to us as, in fellowship with one another, we meditate on your word, sing your praises and offer our prayers.

Help us to set our eyes on you, to listen to your voice calling to us,knowing you will guide us through the troubles and fears and confusion we may have into rich, green pastures

Pasturing King

sometimes the path you lead us down seems far too difficult for us

it is too steep, too narrow, too full of obstacles

we back off, we hesitate, we look at the route you wish us to go down and refuse to follow

Nevertheless, you are patient with us, you understand our fears, our doubts, our reservations to follow where you lead.

You forgive all the ways we fail to live as your people, though the one we follow, Jesus Christ our Lord, who taught us to pray together saying:

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