Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 15 March 2020

Source of Life and Being

We praise you

we honour you

we long to bring our heartfelt thanks for so, so many things

access to clean, fresh water, in our homes

allowing us to cook and clean and stay healthy

for that we offer our praise and thanksgiving


for the power of water

to shape valleys and coastlines

to penetrate deep rocks

to toss and turn boats and ships on the ocean waves

it is a wonder to behold, and to watch

and for that we offer our praise and thanksgiving


for irrigation

of crops and trees

gardens and hillsides

greening this land

and providing nourishment to animals of land and air

we offer our praise and thanksgiving


Source of Life and Being

Spring of the Water of Life Eternal

in our praise and thanksgiving

we know we must recall before you those, near and far from here, for whom water is a problem

farmers and crofters wondering when will the rain stop, so they can grow our food

those with flooded homes and businesses

uncertain of what the future holds

women at wells in sub-Saharan Africa

hoping, hoping the water is clean for their children to drink

those displaced in Malawi due to floods


Source of Life and Being

there are also those, who struggle being around others

they feel they will be judged for their clothes and lifestyle

they are concerned about Coronavirus

they long for the hope forgiveness brings, but do not know how to find it


Christ Jesus

we know you hear these prayers and are with those who work hard to support all those affected where water is too abundant or too scarce

we do not know what we can do to help, except to offer these our prayer in faith and trust

to the Source of our Lives and Faith


This day, we also pause for a few moments, to bring before the Source of the Water of Life those people, places and situations which are on our hearts this day


Lord, accept all these prayers

spoken and unspoken

offered through Christ Jesus,

who lives and reigns with the Holy Spirit

One God, now and forevermore