Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 26 March 2017

Lord God

celebrate the good gifts you bestow on us

some are monumental

the mountains, rivers and lochs of the landscape around us

others are the simple things

a hot cup of tea brought to us in the morning

the smell of fresh sheets on the bed

the laughter of our neighbours’ children at play

grant us eyes to see your blessings in the wondrous and the everyday

and to never take the precious things we have for granted


Heavenly King

we praise you that all is at your command

the governments and rulers of our nation are yours

we thank you for our elected representatives

at Westminster, Holyrood and in the local council

while we may not always agree with them

remind us of their humanity, and open our eyes to see they work for the benefit and service of your people

may their work be blessed, in accordance with your will

and may this week remind us all how minds can be changed from bad to good

from terror to peace

through your guiding hand

Healing Christ

when pain and suffering strike, you are in the midst of it all

through those who are helping

by-standers rushing to help the injured

paramedics working to save lives

police officers risking their lives to protect others

surgeons, physiotherapists, counsellors, working to help people rebuild their lives

however they were injured, whatever their sorrow, whatever their pain

we are thankful for all who serve to protect life and limb in this country

Mothering God

We bless you for all who have mothered us

those who have comforted us when we have been hurt

have shown pride in our achievements

and who love us no matter what we have done, where we are, what we do in life

assist us to nurture and encourage others

that they may flourish and grow

to live life in all its fullness

to see, truly see, the one who is the Light of the world

Jesus Christ our Lord