Opening prayer 1 May 2016 evening

Father God

we praise you in the morning

we praise you in the midday

we praise you in the evening

with every moment of our days we praise you

we praise you with our hands

we praise you with our feet

we praise you with our voices

with every part of our beings we praise you

for it is right and good and true to praise you

our God, our Lord

for you give light for us to walk in

plants for our sustenance and healing

and your name is written on our faces

and of the faces of all the nations, for all people we created in and bear your image

for this and all you are, we praise you,

Christ our King, our saviour, our redeemer

the name which we bear,

the name which is above all names#

the name which we long to serve

the name which we long to honour

in this worship together

Lamb of God

bless this time by and through your Holy Spirit

moving within and around us

bless these our prayers, and our meditations on your word, spoken and in our hearts

remove all which creates a barrier between you, Lord God and your people

our selfishness and self-interest

our unwillingness to rest trustfully in your presence

our tendency to see those who are outsiders, be they refugees, prisoners, those of other faiths even of not being welcome in your kingdom

open our hearts, Christ Jesus to listen to your voice, hearing that the gates of love are open

wash our hearts, Christ Jesus, of all our sins, so we may be true beacons of your light, your image

now and forevermore