Trees and Tables

Why did you do it, Jesus?

Were you making a point? A dangerous point

Why did you do it Jesus?

To get attention? From whom. The crowd were following you. Waiting, waiting to hear and see what you would do next.

Wanting, wanting so much for you to do more than curse a tree and turn over some tables

Why did you do it, Jesus?

Curse a fig tree at Passover?

It’s spring. The figs won’t be there till the summer.

It’s too early for fruit, so why did you curse a tree?

Making it wither and die.

A tree, which only offence was to not bear fruit

Why did you do it, Jesus?

Turn the tables in the temple?

Were you trying to get arrested?

Were you so determined to die?


Why would you want to die?

Why did you do it, Jesus?

Anger the temple authorities so much?

But the crowd loved you, Jesus, didn’t they?

They loved seeing the power you had.

They loved following you, believing you were going to change everything.

Overthrow more than tables.

Overthrow the system

the broken system

The crowd loved it when you were in charge

overthrowing the tables

making the temple authorities frightened

Why did you do it, Jesus?

Making them frightened, making them dangerous.

Making them want to turn the tables on you.

Turn the crowd against you, turn the disciples away from you

leaving you alone



Why did you do it, Jesus?

Curse the tree and turn the tables