Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 7 April 2019

Lord God

King of kings

Eternal One

we are filled with joy at all the wondrous things you have done for us

created the earth and all that is in it

placed it in the solar system in the right position that life can flourish across the whole world

made us part of the whole human family

each one a unique mirror of all your are, Holy One

may blessings and praise and thanks be yours

for all this and more

Praise worthy Christ

as you rescued us through your death and resurrection

may we praise you with our lips and honour you in our actions

not looking to the things of the past which bring sadness, sorrow, longing

but pressing onto the goal you lead us to

a goal where we long to serve you and you alone

where we are willing to leave behind that which does not bring joy into your world

where we are willing to leave behind that which burdens your church, rather than brings life

guide us through death to life

that, again and again, we may know the power of the resurrection in us and in the world

Resurrection Christ

we bring our prayers for others and the world this day

for those who are in pain, bring comfort

for those who are filled with worry, bring confidence

for those who are waiting, bring action

for those who neglect, bring care

for those who struggle, bring surrender

for those who cling to the past, bring hope


Jesus Christ

in these days, we face deep uncertainty

grant to us confidence in your plan for us and your world

to leaders, in whatever capacity they serve

grace, patience, kindness, self-control, mercy, strength, gentleness, empathy, the willingness to listen and to do what is right, rather than what is easy


Inspiring Spirit

motivate us and all the world-wide church to act as one body, that of Jesus Christ our Lord

for he is our goal, which we press onto attain

all the days of our lives

may his will be our aim, our way, our path

that we may bring joy where there is sorrow

flourishing, where there is barrenness