Opening prayer 31 July 2016

Father God

from your mouth comes words of wisdom

words of wisdom which made and shaped and formed life, the universe and everything

words of wisdom which called forth your people from Egypt

words of wisdom which are foolishness to the world

for in your wisdom, you blessed humanity to bear your image and with this wonderful planet in which we live and work and explore and create


Christ our Lord

the very wisdom of the Father

we bow in reverence at your feet

and look towards your mercy seat towards the things of your kingdom

love, mercy, grace, compassion

for we are like children, needing guidance through the thread of love which binds us to you, our Lord

This hour, as we humbly come in worship

may your love enfold us

your goodness hold us

your wisdom guide us

that our prayers, our hymns of praise, our whole beings be acceptable in your sight, our Saviour, our King


Holy spirit

the very wisdom of God moving through the world

come to us as we gather here

guide our thoughts and minds away from earthly things which are harmful to us and those around us

that we may put on the new self, renewed in the knowledge of the creator

the Father, Son and holy spirit, one God, three in one and one in three

whose cords of love guide us to freedom and fullness of life

which was shown in the world in and through Jesus Christ our Lord