Thanksgiving and intercession 20 December 2020

Holy God

Mother and Father of us all

one who birthed all creation

and knew each one of us in our mother’s wombs

how we adore you

how we long to bring forth our gratefulness

for all you have done for us

and the life of the universe

in quietness, we bring our thanks before you


Holy God

Mother and Father of us all

what love you have

to use one of your creatures

to carry your Son

not by imposition, but by consent

not by illusion, but by assent

not by trickery, but by Mary saying “yes.”

what love is this?
Amazing love, so amazing, so divine

brought forth by the Angel Gabriel

one of messengers of God

may we hear the messengers calling to us

and to your world

hear and listen

and be willing to follow Mary’s example of trust

in the One who is Mather and Father of us all

Holy God

help us to be your servants, and for your Word to be fulfilled

for the Word Mary bore

is hope for the hopeless

peace where there is discord

love where there is enmity

joy for those who sorrow

and may your Word be known to all who need to know hope, peace, love and joy

in their lives

in the live of those they love

in the life of the world

Life Giving One

the life of the world is a joy and a treasure

which we thank you, a hundred thousand times over for

be with those who fight for the protection of all that is good in our world

who campaign for justice to reign

for Mary’s song to be fulfilled

the world has waited so, so long

Life Giving One

for this to pass

may it come

may it come

we pray

for we long to see the world restored

and the promise that the kingdom will reign on earth as in heaven will truly come