Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 24 February 2019

God of Jacob, Joseph and his brothers

we praise you for familial bonds

husbands and wives

parents and children

brothers and sisters

Aunts and Uncles


they give us something to belong to

people who love us, no matter what

we acknowledge being part of a family can be hard

we don’t always agree with one another and, sometimes, can become estranged from others in our families.

May we look to how Joseph was treated by his brothers, yet wanted the best for them and their families as an example of how we should live our lives

Life giving Christ

your pattern of life you taught your disciples was grounded in real life

we praise you for this, because on this we have a firm grounding

the pattern was not always an easy one,

but we know in loving enemies, in treating others as we would like to be treated, in giving without expecting anything in return

you showed us the pattern for the Kingdom of God

where you, Jesus, lived as you taught

even granting forgiveness from the cross

humbly, we know we may not manage to do that, but we pray for your strength and compassion to fill us, Lord

that we may love our enemies

that we may give expecting nothing in return

that we may treat others as we would long to be treated.

That in so doing, we can show we are Christians by our love, by our love

Loving Spirit

We praise you for filling us with love

we grieve for those who show no love

to those who have made mistakes, even terrible mistakes

no love for those who are different, in colour, religion, world view

no love for those who are in need and cannot possibly repay

no love for those with whom they disagree

no love for stranger

no love for self

we cry to you, Lord God

save them

save them for their hate

reach out in love, through the Holy Spirit and through us

to bring love, unconditional, compassionate love

to this world

where all are treated as you would, God, our God

your beloved children