Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 28 June 2020

Give thanks to God

for God is good

God keeps God’s promises


we thank you that, your promise to Abraham

has lasted

that we are the descendents more numerous than the stars in the sky

thank you for the faith of Abraham

for his example of trust

and knowing your grace

assist us, to also trust in your grace

no matter where you lead us

no matter how much you may ask of us

Give thanks to God

for God is good

God keeps God’s promises


we thank you for the church, the Body of Christ

for the people

for the faith shared and experienced

for the support

for the love which binds us

across boundaries of time and space

assist us to feel part of that body

wherever we are

we think today of those who are especially struggling by not being able to gather to worship

enter their hearts

ease their pain

bind their wounds

remind them you are with them, always

and grant to us grace to support and lead them through their suffering

Suffering Christ

in your life, you showed us the perfect way of following God the Father

we thank you for this example of trust

though we will never endure what you did

help us to be willing to sacrifice even our most precious things

knowing in that Amazing Grace you offer

we can know salvation and love beyond measure

as things change in our country

we recall those for whom this is an anxious time

cafe, pub and hotel owners, as they put in place measures to re-open, while trying to keep their staff safe

those who work for the NHS, anxious of a second spike in the virus

those who are working hard in research, for cures and vaccines

those who have been shielding, who are concerned they will be forgotten about

all who lead, as hard decisions are made

grant all your grace and peace

and, in a few moments of quiet, we bring the places, people and situations which lie heavy on our hearts this day


All these prayers, spoken and written on our hearts we offer through Christ Jesus, our Lord, who lives and reigns with God the Father and Holy Spirit

One God, now and always