Opening prayer Epiphany 2017

Lord God

from the darkness, the emptiness of eternity

you called forth light

light in the darkness

light, which shines in the darkness

Light, which you decreed good

it is by that light, our world is filled with life

trees and grass nourished by the sun’s rays

birds and mammals fed by the fruit and grain of those same trees and grasses

and we too, fuelled by the light of the sun

both in the food we eat and the reviling, refreshment we feel when the sun’s light falls though a window

touching our cheeks with its warmth and life

Warmth and life which were breathed into existence by your Word

warmth and life which we have relied on our whole lives through

warmth and life which is the very essence of the life of the world

for that warmth and life is the light of the world

that great light which came to us in the person of Jesus Christ, our Lord

the one who is the life of the world

to bring light in the darkness

the dark places of the world

the dark place of ourselves

those places where jealously, violence, hate, greed, envy hide

away from the light which would drive them out


come through your light, shine into the dark places

drive out all which gets in the way of our true worship of you

forgive us for all the times we have preferred to dwell in the darkness

and guide us, to your light

as we worship you

through your holy spirit