Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 15 April 2018

Lord God Almighty

Praise and honour and thanksgiving we bring to the one who is our power and righteousness

the one through whom we have received mercy

the one through whom we may know life in all its fullness

may our thanksgiving bring deep joy

that our hearts will leap for joy at knowing the power of the Risen Christ within us

the power through which we can know the refreshment which comes from the knowledge of the love of the Lord

May that love overflow from us

burst out into the world, that our thanksgiving to God is shown in our mercy to and for the world

for there is much, much need for your mercy in your world, Great God

there are 7 year old children in Syria, who have never known life without war

there are young people in our communities who believe their lives are not worth living

there are elderly in who wonder why they are alive when everyone they loved have died

there are nurses, carers, social workers, doctors who are tired and weary, burnt out, from their compassionate and healing work

there are politicians who faithfully serve their constituents, but who only receive criticism

there is the defacement of the land and sea by the tide of humanity’s wastefulness

the list, Lord God, is long

it seems hopeless

though we offer these situations before you, though we know you hear each prayer

why do you not act as you did through Peter

and heal this world of ours?


Healing Christ

we bring these people and situations before you

and we also name those in this community of faith who need your healing touch

assist us to trust that your healing will come

through your Holy Spirit bringing care and inspiring people to restorative action

that all people may know they are valued, important, loved

that all creation may be cared for

by us as you care for all people and all creation

All this we pray for in and through the Author of life, Jesus Christ our Lord