Closing Prayer 11 April 2017

Son of David

The one who comes in the name of the Lord

We praise you

we honour you

be bless and thank you for coming into the filth and sleaze of the world

driving out all which got in the way of all the nations coming before the throne of the one who sent you

we look around our world as it is

and still there is filth and sleaze

in our newspapers

in assumptions made about those regarded as less valuable than others

in gossip and comments in secret, behind backs

Grant us the wisdom to challenge such behaviours

in our workplaces,

in the clubs and organisations we are part of,

in your church

God of the poor

When you came incarnate to the world

it wasn’t to wealth or status

but to poverty

a borrowed stable

you favour the poor, because you were poor too

you honour the poor, for they looked after you at your most vulnerable

Yet, on you, Christ Jesus

rest the governments of the world

guide all who govern away from pandering to the rich

towards ministering to the poor

Jesus, embracer of children

may we embrace children too

children, grandchildren

the ones who play in back gardens

the ones who refuse to keep silent

the ones who will sing Hosanna to the Son of David

And we may join their chorus, offering you praise and honour every waking moment of our lives