Approach and confession prayer 1 August 2021

Praise the One through whom all things seen and unseen were made

Praise the One who cast stars into space

Praise the One who came and lived among us

Christ Jesus our King

who longs to make us whole

who offers eternal life

who is the bread of God for us

for all of humanity

for all of creation

Praise the One

who asks nothing from us

than belief

belief in him

and to follow him all the days of our lives

Praise the One

who possesses the seal of God the Father

bringing assurance that all who believe will never go hungry

will never be thirsty

Praise the One who is our King

our Lord

Our Saviour

Our bread of heaven

in the home

in the field

in the forest

with song

with adoration

with true devotion

Praise the One

whose love is unfailing

great in compassion

who longs to wash away our iniquity

and cleanse us from all sin

in humbleness and humility

we bow

confessing in the presence of our siblings in Christ

that we have sinned against God’s law in words, deeds and actions

on our own

and in common with other

we are truly and sincerely sorry

May we know God cleanses us with hyssop

that we are washed clean

by the love of the One we believe in

Christ Jesus

Our Lord