Thanksgiving and intercession 1 May 2016

Lord God

there is so much to thank you for, our words can seem inadequate to reflect, just a little, the thankgiving we have for your love for us, all the nations and the whole of creation


sometimes it’s the simple things in life we forget to thank you for

mechanics to look after our cars and vans, so we can get out and about, enjoy life, do our jobs, go to work

the bus drivers who make sure our children and grandchildren get to school safely

those in our communities who are charged with looking after the village halls, that they are safe places for clubs and groups to meet

young people who are passionate about justice for all

those who tirelessly fundraise for charities, local and national

our bin men and posties, delivery drivers and those who serve in our shops, cafes, pubs and hotels

Lord God

we are so blessed to have all these people working and serving in our communities

give them pleasure in their toil and time for rest and relaxation

In our wider community, we bring before you those who serve in elected public office

local councillors, MSPs, MPs, MEPs

may they serve with diligence, integrity and compassion

always placing the needs of the communities they serve at the heart of all they do

may we, in the ways we can, hold them to account where their decisions differ from Christ’s commands and praise where they act with love and compassion

Christ our friend, accept these are our prayers, spoken and on our hearts